Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Me & Brother Colin

This was a trip planned sometime back by my older brother ( as we have remarkable resemblance besides the size and jangguts ), Colin. He is my mentor, my best friend, my best fishing mate ( though he retired for a bit to make like body beautiful ) and my brother who has always been there for me.

Rompin was the place we first got to know each other, before that, we knew each other by name and we never rally liked each other. But after the first fishing trip to Rompin back in 2001 / 2002 cant really remember, we have been brothers ever since. So this trip was really reminded me a lot about the good old days and I truly enjoyed myself!

On this trip, some new people accompanied us to fishing, the “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers crew, my wife and some familiar faces from past fishing trips. And here are the anglers:

Colin “ BIG SIZE” Soh
Calvin “ Brown Eyes”
Shyan “The Eater”
Hor Wai “ The Happy Angler”
Alan “ No Brush Teeth” Tan
Nicholas “ Thunder of the Sea”
Hsuan “ My lovely Wife”
Joyce “ The Apollo Master”
Khian “Jigging Master” Yong
Nelly “Todak Queen”
Bruce “ GT King” , I just freakin love the title!

Everything was well planned, everyone was quite on time but we still ended up in Rompin way passed midnight. I’ve always wanted to be in Rompin early so we can prepare for the next day and get good rest but you know la how it is, last minutes stuff.

We were greeted by our boat KAPITAN Mr. Steven Chong, great guy at about 1am. Initially I thought we were gonna stay in the same place we did the last time we were in Rompin, above a shoplot behind the 7-11 but instead, we were brought too a whole new area, a new house where it was extremely clean, comfortable and closer to the Jetty! We were very pleased with the new arrangements but it did cost slightly more but what the hell, when it comes to fishing + comfort, money is no object…bayarlah, no issues pass the tissue!

Saturday Morning

The Jetty

Colin organizing his TEAM

The Arsenal

More Arsenal

An unusual structure

We gathered at the usual Nasty Lemak Stall and as usual, Colin and me bought enough Nasty Lemak and food to feed 20 people. The standard order was:

20 X Nasty Lemak packets
10 X Roti Telor
2kg X Loongan
1 X Watermelon
10 X Curry Puff
3 X Bee Hoon packets
and an assortment of Kueh’s

I wasnt kidding about the food....

We were separated into 2 boats


KAPITAN : Steven Chong
- Nicholas
- Alan
- Khian
- Nelly
- My Wife
- GT King


KAPITAN : Sky Chong
- Colin
- Shyan
- Calvin
- Hor Wai
- Joyce

So we set off in search of the great ROMPIN Sailfish, and i was truly excited as I have always promised my brother Nic that he MUST try the ROMPIN Sailfish. So with all my gear set, smiling faces, HAPPIES, food and a great KAPITAN, we were off!

My 2 brothers

First stop, the UNJAM’s for live bait. This was especially fun for my wife. She loves it PERIOD! We were searching for Selar’s but mostly we got Kembongs and Tambans which were, not so interesting for the Sailfish. I remember the times when we hit JACKPOTS upon JACKPOTS of Selar’s in this place but this time, not many were caught. But still, my wife had a fantastic time reeling in those catches with the STELLA 2500 paired with the Tenryu Del Sol PE 0.8 – 1.5 ( it was actually brought for light jigging and sotong)

After that, we changed many “Tempat” in search of the Sailfish. Sadly we only had one hook up on the Torsa 20 + Blue Rose PE5 set up but it only lasted for a good 2 minutes before the hook came off. My fault, didn’t set the hook right.

Then it was Alan’s Dogfight + Extreme Anglers PE 3 custom rod set up that led out a scream. We were EXCITED out of out wits! He was gentleman enough to let our newbie on board, Nelly to fight the fish. The fight lasted a good 5 minutes before we realized that it was a Todak but what the hell, ada ikan, bergembira laaa…

The day was slow, I was jigging with my Saltiga Game 3000 + Tenryu Oceania PE 0.8 – 3, Khian was jigging on his fantastic set up, Stella 3000C + Evergreen Poseidon PE 2, Alan with his Saltiga S30 + Extreme Anglers Custom PE 6 and Nic (as he has been always lucky ) with my brand new Stella 08 SW5000PG + Blue Rose PE3. The girls were having a SOTONG frenzy landing sotong after sotong after sotongs!

Then, as we were taking a break at 3pm…makan time, Nic was jigging and shouted “Oi, turun jig, ada “lau”( current )”. Buzy with me NASTY LEMAK I said ok ok, after this packet. As he dropped the jig to the bottom, after 2 jerks, we could here the Stella SCREAMING with JOY! I instantly grabbed my video cam ( Best fucking decision to bring it ) and started to record the whole scene!
The fish went on for a good 4 HARD runs! It’s been just FANTASTIC!. Although it wasn’t me who was fighting it, but the fact that it was my own brother having a great time, it was good enough for me. The fight was awesome, the rod action, the SCREAMING of the reel….nothing beats that…it was just fucking BEST!


Nic Vs. "Hoi Lui"

Check out the BLUE ROSE in Action!


LANDED...the Stubborn MAFAKKA!

Me and My HUGE Catch!


The Cobia was landed, we ensure Nic did the “Ngau Juk” pose. Estimated about 7-8kg’s…again, it was fucking best! Made everyone on the boat jigged harder! Not before long, I landed a HUGE Kerisi of about 1kg akakakakkakak and did the “Ngau Juk “ pose.

Me and My Kerisi

After that excitement, nothing much was caught, only sotongs after sotongs after sotongs. My wife actually held a SOTONG with he bare hands! Soon after that, we headed back to land and prepared for the next day.

Sunday Morning

Same drill, same food, same boats.

This day, fishing was even slower, so we decided to make it into a holiday. We jumped into the open sea, had a fiesta on board, smoked “CIGARETTES” more “HAPPIES” Sotong Sotong Sotong. This was a more relaxed day out at sea. Mind you we still did the normal drill, drifted out fishes in search of the Sailfish and a bit of jigging here and there. All in all, we had a FANTASTIC time. The company was GREAT, and we had a lot of fun!

My Wife Vs. SOTONG

My Wife and The Sotong...

The Food

The cheapest food you can ever find, is in ROMPIN. I swear we had like 11 dishes for all of us, plus drinks, the bill wasn’t even close to RM150.

We will do ROMPIN again for sure, and just to let you know, we RELEASED every fucking fish we caught…event the 1kg Kerisi….the sotong, cerita lain la akkakakak.

Thank you Colin for organizing this. Lets do it again!