Friday, September 12, 2008

BEHOLD....My new Blogging MAChine

Finally it has arrived! My brand new MacBook Pro!!!. I have been wanting to get this baby for the longest time and today, at 10:12pm, 12th September 2008, a new addition to the family has ARRIVED!

Not that I really know all the functions of this INCREDIBLE , STYLISH and SEXY MAChine but you know la, we all “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers motto, Gaya MESTI Ada and what can be more gaya than this baby! The sleekness, the finishing, the looks and most importantly…the farking APPLE!

I must thank my good buddy brother Ming ( Soon to be jigging addict ) for getting me this MAChine at a very special price. He pulled it off! He made this dream possible ( with the correct budget la of course ) THANK YOU MING!

Now with this INCREDIBLE MAChine, I can blog with ease, no need to wait for HOURS to load pictures, and if I learn how to use it the right way, the photo’s you see in this blog will be exceptional! Don’t get me wrong, I am used to using a MAC. I previously own an iBook, my first laptop given to me my beloved Father, then a PowerBook G4 arranged by my BEST fucking KWAI LO brother who now resides in Taiwan ( Only god knows why he moved there….coz I know he FARKING misses us back here in MALAYSIA ) and now this…the fucken MacBook Pro! Im just blessed with GREAT Friends and the Most Loving Father in the WORLD!

Well its 3 in the fucking morning right now so I wont post any pictures yet but tomorrow and the weekend, you can be sure I will adding on pictures of my new toy.

So till then…”Catch and FUCKING release EVERYTHING” and ALWAYS remember, “Gaya MESTI Ada”

G.T King


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Ken FK Yong said...

GT King!! Why so slow update!? Log in 2/3 times still no pictures of your MAChine!