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This was a trip planned by Jigging Master Khian. It was to be a 1 day trip covering Hutan Melintang ( Im sure we have all watched the DVD and saw the GT frenzy in that video ) and Pulau Jarak on Kapitan Chong a.k.a Ok Lai’s new boat. TUNA 2. I’ve been to Pulau Jarak before and as far as I can remember, I only landed one Barracuda of about 4-5kg.

This trip was especially interesting as it was my first time fishing with my buddy Mr Ming. I wanted to turn this ex-bottom fishing into a jigging kaki. I hope I have finally showed this friend of mine the light…the TRUE art of fishing….JIGGING la puki!

The list of Fishing buddies on this trip are as follows:

Johnson “SHARK KING” ( new title as of now )
Ah Wah Siew
DD “The Hailer”
“Jigging Master” Khian
Naely “Todak Queen”
And Me….still GT King!!!!!

Saturday 20th September 2008

Brudder Johnson came over to my house at about 2:30pm. I screwed up as I forgot to inform him that we have changed the departure time to 4pm. So he chilled at my place for a bit and waited for Ming to arrive.

4:30pm, Ming arrived in a tank. An old skool Pajero which looks like it was BUILT for fishing. Freaking MADE TO FISH! We made our way to Sitiawan using the old roads passing by stinking “HAM YUE” town while the rest were making their way there using the Bidor exit. The old way was supposed to be faster …..we ended up in Sitiawan later than the others..

When we arrived, first thing we did was…MAKAN la what summore. We met up with the others in a new restaurant and the first thing we could here was Ah Wah Siew asing us to order the “Ha Mee”. Smelling something suspicious, I looked into his bowl and the color didn’t look right. Spotting this, we immediately got Johnson to order one for himself telling him it’s the best ever “Ha Mee” in the world! …yup, he bought it, he ordered the most stale bowl of “Ha Mee” known to “Ha Mee” eaters but in order not to offend our taste buds, he agreed that it was the best as he gorged down the sumptuous dish.

After makan, we headed back to Sitiawan Hotel. Nothing fancy, just perfect for sleeping. PERIOD. Of course the best part of the trip was this part, the get together before the trip. We talked about tackle at first but then some how room 226 became the parliament. There was a M.C.A debate going on and then we moved into deep conversations about camera’s and lenses, a language that I could not comprehend…..at all!

About 10:30, our Kapitan gave us a call asking us to join him for a drink. We being the most GAME people in Sitiawan that night, agreed and went searching for the sleazy pub he was in. We met up with Kapitan OK Lai in this really dodgy pub. It was too bright to be a feng tau joint, but yet played feng tau music….to tell the truth, it was music to my ears, the sounds of Chinese singers to hardcore music. I just freaking loved it! But sadly I wasn’t really GEARED for that kinda game, as so was all of us so we went in there for a good 15 minutes, had 1 drink with Kapitan OK Lai and left the place.

We ended up at a massage nearby called Shang Hai and had a good 1 hour massage before heading back to the hotel. Back at the hotel, it was time for some HAPPY friends and head to bed. It was kind of difficult to fall asleep especially when I have to sleep on the same queen size bed with Nightmare Johnson! Ming was out cold in a matter of minutes I had to endure the foot playing, the eye staring and the chronic laughs of Brudder Johnson!

Sunday 21st September 2008

6:15 in the pagi, we all woke up on time except for one guy….DD. learning that he hasn’t awaken yet, I decided to do the normal raid into his room. We stormed in the room, turn on the lights and started to shout “ OK Ok Skarang RAID semua BANGUN” and that totally freaked him out!

Once everyone was ready, we headed to a stall nearby to have some Sitiawan Chicken Rice. I swear to you Chicken Rice is like the national dish of Sitiawan. Its like every where and taste amazingly good!

After breakfast, it was off to Leisure Bay Café, the mosquito infested port ( applicable only after 7pm ) where we boarded the NEW TUNA 2! Filled with excitement, we loaded our gear on board and took some pictures. Sadly Alan “ No Brush Teeth” couldn’t join us on this trip. If he did then EVERYONE would have had a T-shirt, even Kapitan OK Lai! Luckily I had one spare t-shirt and I presented it to Ming in welcoming him into the “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers club.

The Gear

Saltiga Game 3000 + Tenryu Oceania PE 0.8 – 3
Stella SW5000PG + Shimano Blue Rose PE 4 Full Gene

Hutan Melintang.

On our way to the first spot, we were lucky enough to see some dolphins which we thought were sails at first. It was a beautiful sight and we can even see brudder Johnson getting ready his jigging gear. Actually I thought to do the same thing but that wouldn’t be right….right?

Our first spot, Hutan Melintang. In hope that those GT’s on the DVD we watched would have “Melintang” this spot, we jigged our hearts out in search for something like that to “melintang” but the only thing that “melintang” was a Jemuduk ( im not too sure what its called but they say like that then I write like that la) by DD. After changing spots effortlessly, Kapitan OK Lai decided, lets go for some Sharks!

At the SHARK tempat, I was rewarded with the lost of 1 butterfly jig and a Metallic Sardine. I forgot, Shark’s had teeth. Everyone changed to wire leaders and jigged for sharks and not before long, Ming was rewarded by on JIG!!!! I was freakin happy for him! I quickly grabbed his video cam and recorded the fight!

At the same time, I could hear Brudder Johnson shouting saying that he too is on to one! The adrenalin rush on board was euphoric! My buddy, ex-bottom fisherman hooked on to a specimen on JIG!, Brudder Johnson making history with his prized 9kg Shark! Sadly Ming’s shark could not be landed but Brudder Johnson landed one of the biggest SHARK in the world!

Johnson Lim is now known as “SHARK KING” until a bigger shark is landed by another “SOMETIMES CAN” Angler. Do join me in congratulating him in earning this title on top of his other title earned in his last trip to Kuching, “SEK PAN KING”. Congratulations Johnson “SHARK KING” Lim.

After a while, we moved to Pulau Jarak. Fishing wasn’t good there. We only caught some “nothing”. Poor Kapitan OK Lai, feeling really pressured, he decided to bring us to Pulau Sembilan Mungkin Ada Chan. Same story there, but we did see some boiling action. Kapitan OK Lai advised us to troll for some GIANT CENCARU’s. trust me, there were some HUGE CENCARU’s in that place.

7pm, we headed back to MOSQUITO infested port, Leisure Bay Café. All geared up with Ridsect, I was ready. I arrived, I saw and I conquered. The mosquitoes were helpless against my arsenal.

As this story is a little long winded, I am deciding to cut it short. Here is the summary.

We had a fantastic dinner ( the “Ham Tan Kai” was just farking too good to be true )
It was a fun journey back home in Mings Fishing Tank!

The trip was farking fun though not many fishes, I had a fantastic time with my best fishing buddies. “Ikan tiada takpa, Gaya Mesti ada”. This is also why we are called “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers. Not every trip so dapat ikan mah, so sometimes can la

Till my next post… Here are some pictures… will upload videos once I get it from Ming…

The Best Part of the trip...Tackle talks and Bull Shittin

Kapal Baru TUNA 2!!


Brother DD! The Hailer...He is Seriously LOUD!

Mr Ming...


Brother DD WACKING it!

The Prized CATCH!

The Shark...

The Newly Crowned "SHARK KING" Johnson

Double Whammy for Ah Wah Siew

Me and my HUGE Cencaru

The cencaru

Cencaru FUN!

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