Sunday, September 14, 2008

My MAChine

As promised, pictures of my new blogging MAChine....Mr Yong...feast your eyes on this new addition to the family....kira its for fishing also coz all the pictures have to go somewhere....and video's need to be edited, this MAChine does just that..

Awaiting next week for the JARAK trip. too bad we couldnt make it for Tukun this weekend, would have been AWESOME but no worries, Alan will be arranging it, sometime mid October.


Ken FK Yong said...



brewsterazi said...

hehhehehe, that one susah la bro, sked the pictures come out not nice...o justice for my toys! i try ok, i have a problem with taking pictures of rods...if you can give me some pointers, i will reallly appreciate it.

Bro, how do i set a link to your blog?



Ken FK Yong said...

hey! if you don't show their pictures, they lagi sakit hati!!! They are screaming for attention!! Just snap with sufficient lightings can liow!!

Set a link... i think go to 'Layout', 'Page Elements' and 'Add Gadget'. There should be 1 for adding links. I've not played with the functions for very long liow...

the COCO seed said...

Hey Bruce,

The machine looks reallyyyyyyy good!

Interesting blog you have here...keep it up! Everytime I read anything on your blog, it makes me laugh (and I check this at work)...keeping a steady face is very difficult...but seriously, its super entertaining :)