Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Please put your hands together for my new toy for my new hobby ( not that im giving up fishing, its just another new hobby to blend in with my family since EVERYONE's got a DSLR at home)

CANON 50D!! and KHIAN's 500D!!!

Thank you KHIAN for picking it up for me from SG...owe you big time!

Monday, July 27, 2009

JARAK JAMBOREE!!! - The Cerita

Pulau Jarak, located on the straits of Melaka was the first place I encountered a reel being spooled and burst into pieces by an unstoppable GT. I was so amazed with the brute strength of the fish and I vowed to myself I will never go cheap on any of my fishing gear.

2 months back, Khian organized a trip to this place. Prior to this trip, I’ve been here twice in the recent years, once with Kenny Chee of Extreme Anglers and then another time was on board Kapitan Ah Chung a.k.a OK LAI! This time round, it was gonna be our very own “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers trip to Pulau Jarak.

This trip was special as we had a very special guest on board, “Wah Siew” nw also known as Uncle Wah for various reasons. One of the most entertaining angler you can have on board on a “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers trip. We haven’t fished with him for a long tme as he has ventured into a new hobby, photography. I myself wil be getting into that pretty soon as I will be picking up my new toy this week! Akkakakakakakkakaka


Kelvin Chew is a guy I met through this blog. We have been exchanging views on fishing and had the usual tackle talks through e-mails and shit. Then when I invited him as a friend on FACEBOOK, I realized that he was a senior in my HIGH school in Sri kuala Lumpur and I have met him a few times in the gym that I go to!

I invited him for this trip and being a true angler, he confirmed his attendance within 24 hours….COMMITMENT to FISHING la that’s what I call it! Fishing with this guy is totally fun! A bit serious but after a few hours hanging around the “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers crew, he too became crazy akakakkakakakakaka

“SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers list for the trip:

BRUCE – G.T mafakkin KING still akakakakkakak
Khian – Jigging Master!
Louis – Standby ( a new name I gave the guy as he is SOOOOOO well prepared!)
Suynia – Most Hardworking Angler ( Im freakin serious…she is a ROBOT! a.k.a EBEK Queen!
Uncle Wah – The Legend….coz of his age
Kelvin – Havent figured out a name for him yet but lets just call him “Big Guy”
Gou Bin – G.T 15kg Class… will know why in a bit!
Ming – The Hokkien Entertainment machine!

Ok, now for the story of the trip:

Thursday, 23rd July 2009

As usual, we set the meeting time at 8:30 my place. We ended up leaving only about 9…its freakin true what they say about Malaysian timing akkaakakaakakkakak.

Louis Standby was so well prepared for the trip he bought enough fod to feed a whole village for a week for the trip…im serious…there was A LOT of food. This was mainly because of my Nasty Lemak frenzy at the recent Pekan trip…he was kinda worried we didn’t have enough food aakakkakkakakakak smart choice!

The drive to Teluk Intan was about 3 hours…almost…..but we were kept entertained by Uncle Wah…it was hilarious! We talked about all sorts of nonsense and before you know it, we were in Teluk Intan town looking for a hotel to bunk our asses in.

We finally settled at this hotel called STAR HOTEL. Guys, im not fucking kidding you…it is the nicest hotel I have been in for all my fishing trips. Its cheap, clean, the toilet is like a real toilet, Panasonic air-conditioning, proper LG TV’s…it was just LUXURIOUS! I will recommend anyone to stay there anytme! And it cost only RM300 for the 8 of us to stay in a COMFY hotel! Ah Wah and Ming had to go on a very important mission….buy us some ROCKIN supper. You have GOT to try the Chee Cheong Fun in this place, I had 3 freakin packets and it freaking rocked my world big time!

Then…tidur la makahai! Akakakkakakkakakak


Friday, 24th July 2009

We got up at about 7 only to realize that it was actually raining outside…so in the comfort of our hotel, we extended the sleep to another 30 minutes. We left dor breakfast at about 8am then headed straight to the jetty at Bagan Dato.

The Jetty was brand new and it’s the cleanest jetty I have been to for the along time. The weather conditions didn’t look so good so we actually felt kinda fucked up coz there was a high possibility that we might not be able to go out…that would be a freakin DISASTER!....then….we saw GT Chaser appear and parked at the jetty…what a sigh of RELIEF akakakakakak.

It was a STELLA showdown on the boat….there were at least 12 -15 Stellas on board! Louis Standby and Suynia jigging Robot had their own little T-shirts made for the trip and it read Lil Tamband and Ebek Gila! Spirits were high….and so was I ….off we were to Jarak! We were tld that we will be stopping by Pulau 9 for some light jigging for some Talang or GT’s…after about an hour, no action we headed to Jarak.

As soon as we reached Jarak, popping began. We were rewarded by GT’s averaging from 4 -7kgs! This looked sooooo promising that I tucked in my shirt, posed like the Kozo Okubo and began popping…then a massacre occurred.


FARK FARK FARK! As the “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers were landing GT’s after GT’s it was my turn to hit one. As soon as my popper got hit by the GT, I strikes and to my freakin horror, I hearda “PIAK!” sound…My POSEIDON OCEANHUNTER snapped! You wouldn’t believe the frustration, the anger, the disappointment and the disgrace I felt. This kinda fucked me up for a good 2 hours….its was soooooooo EMBARASSING! Poseidon…snapped! Can you freakin believe it!

Everyone else was landing GT’s after GT’s…I could only watch in despair until Ming changed my broken rod to the Tide Lez I brought along as a back-up. I popped for another 30 minutes with the rod but still no action. Then I passed the rod to Uncle Wah and within 2 casts, he landed an 8kg specimen!!! ROCKIN!

Suynia on the other hand was jigging the whole day and was rewarded with a 5kg plus Ang Choh specimen…SHE ROXX man! She will out JIG any of the guys on board!

Then dinner was served….i must admit that the food on the boat is really good! We had tiger crabs or some shit like that and it was ROCKING to the max max max!

Night time..was all about big eye’s.. I only managed to land one on jig and one on popper….and that was the only 2 fishs I landed on the trip akakkakaakakk but mainly because I refused to do bottom fishing….Khian and the rest of the crew had a great time trying to persuade me to indulge in this form of fishing and annoyed me the WHOLE freakin night!

Saturday, 25th July 2009

The morning was GT Popping again…my luck was crap…but Gou Bin landed a 15kg SPECIMEN! Congratulations BRO!...everyone else also landed some good sized GT…to sum it up, there are a lot of GT’s of good size in JARAK!

For some reason, the trip wasn’t planned as what I expected. I thought that we will be spending the 2 days in Jarak then head home but at about 11am, we moved to another location, Hutan Melintang.

At this place, the only thing that actually melintang was us losing jigs after jigs to the corals. Not so freaking cool innit! Then I got news that we were moving back to Pulau 9! Im like what the hell! What happened to JARAK!


I had a serious Migraine attack for a good 3 hours. I was totally out! Talk about freaking bad timing!

The fishing here was well, not as good as Jarak..PERIOD! wish we had stayed longer in Jarak….Night fishing only produced a few good sized Ang Choh and that’s it.


Sunday, 26th July 2009

Well we headed back to land in the morning and reached at about 1030am. The weather was getting bad as it was raining the whole morning. First thing we wanted to eat when we got off the boat was KFC! Akakakkakaka

All in all, I had great fun on this trip besides my broken rod!!! To the new members of our team…you guys FREAKIN ROCK big time and standby for the next “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers outing!

Till then…which would probably be end of August…WE ROCKED JARAK akakakakkak. Im sure we will be back to Jarak REAL soon…I need to land that GT on a POPPER!!!!


G.T King – Still is….dont think it will be easy to take that away from me though!

Oh yah...we managed to CATCH & RELEASE every single GT landed!