Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Portrait....Pre-Shoot!

Here is my wife and my youngest brother making me proud with the toys i bought for them, Canon 40D and Canon 500D. I gave them the task to take family portraits of my my precious RODS and REELS! here are some pictures of them hard at work!!!

Im soooooooo glad i bought those cameras for i get to post the collection up ahahahahahahahahaha....and they will have to take my jigs and poppers next week akakakakakakakkaka

Get ready for the fulllll family portrait....should be ready by tonight if all goes well, i think the selection process will be crazy coz i can hear the both of them clicking away akakakkaka

Till then, standby for the FAMILY PORTRAIT!



1 comment:

Mrs Wong said...

it was FUN FUN and FUN shooting the Family Potrait!!!