Friday, May 31, 2013

Pekan Giant GT Hunt!!

So I was browsing through my FB today and stumbled upon a picture of a HUGE ASS GT landed in the waters off Pekan.. 50kgs.. No fucking shit..

Instantly I sent the picture out to the SCA members and within 3 minutes, Ming called and said "Don't waste time, Lets go". Well times for me has changed nowadays, Mrs Wong is now preggers with number 2 so it's really not so easy for me to go fishing but this is one trip I really really want to go... So I just had to ask..

So I waited for Mrs Wong to wake up from her afternoon nap and asked her for permission to go fishing, and my awesome wife's reply was.. Go ahead honey, you deserve it! It was fucking ROCK ON! 

Packing fishing gears wasn't an easy task for me anymore. I'm pretty rusty already but I managed to pack 2 popping rods but missed out on some essential gear but its all good... I even realized I've got so many HammerHeads that are brand spankin new!

Ming reached my place at 830pm and we got to Pekan at about 12am... So now, I'm trying to sleep but the anticipation is friggin killing me! I feel like a child again! Naize! So stay tuned for more picture updates and reports as SOMETIMES CAN ANGLERS might just make a comeback with a STORM!