Monday, October 27, 2008


Sun, Sea and Soft White Sands

Just got back from my wedding shoot in Pulau Rawa. Its really a beautiful place to be, the white sands, the clear blue water and the civilized people who are at the island just makes the place irresistible.

Day 1

The view from Our Room

We took off from KL at about 5pm, reached Mersing Jetty at about 8:45am, just in time for the first boat to Pulau Rawa. We checked in at the reception in Mersing and off we were to Pulau Rawa, My wife, and my 2 photographer friends.

Upon arrival at the jetty of Pulau Rawa, we were greeted by CLEAR BLUE WATER and swarms of tiny fish. There were a lot of baby todaks, parrot fish and ikan bilis around. I was already too excited for night time when we have time off shoots to go fishing at the jetty.

The Swarm of Ikan Bilis which greeted our Arrival!

After some light food, we got changed into our beach gear and basked under the sun on the soft white sand to discuss what, where and when to take photographs. We decided that we will do sunset shots only on the first day so the whole day is free! I quickly grabbed some snorkel to recce the terrain that we were going to fish in later that night.

The place is filled with corals and the chances of SANGKUT was confirmed. There were many different types of fishes and I swear that I saw a school of “Pak Chong” in the water. This got me all excited for the night, I just couldn’t wait to prepare for some casting and light popping.

My Beautiful Bride

Me and My Bride!

After the evening shots, we had dinner then followed by some drinks and we were ready for some fishing. Got a bag of cuttlefish from the restaurant, brought my gear and marched to the Jetty, and we were ready to fish!

And was time to prepare to FISH!

First, I had my gear set for popping and another set for bottom fishing (clearly this was for the girls) I tried all sorts of poppers, glow in the dark ones, pencils, chuggers, nothing seems to work on the fishes. You can see the todak giving chase but no bite! Finally I gave up and changed it into a bottom rig. I could feel nibbles on the line, but no solid hook ups. Then as I was changing my bait, I peeped at what the guy on my right was using, he was using apollo’s to land small selars. FARK ME, WHY DIDN’T I THINK of that! My hooks were too big for the fishes mouth! The whole night we were there, we only managed to get a few tugs from the todaks but no solid hook-ups.

Me & Steve waiting PATIENTLY

Me & My wife waiting for "SOMETHING" to bite!

Fiona & Steve...

The Sotong we never Caught

The Barracuda we never Caught!!

This was frustrating as I was actually under a lot of pressure by my wife and my friends. I was supposed to be the guy who knows his fishing stuff and here I am, not landing one single fish while people around me were landing selars, baby barracuda’s and sotongs all night long! Another thing that was annoying was that I didn’t bring any big hooks for the trip. The guy beside me was using the live selars as bait fish. The gear he was using was pretty heavy for jetty fishing. But when it was hit by something really big, then only I realized that there are some huge mama’s out there. The snap swivel he used was torn wide open by that fish. Thats why we are known as the "SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers, not everytime can get fish one hai mai!

Day 2

We woke up at about 6 in the morning to get the sunrise shots. The tide was at its peak in the morning so before I left my room for the shoot, I hooked on some remaining sotongs and casted it out from my room balcony.

The view from up the Mountain

Mrs Wong & Fiona

We went for breakfast then straight to the jetty for the shoot. We then took a hike up the mountains to snap some shots there as the view was absolutely breath taking.

In the afternoon, it was the same drill, chill by the beach. This time, we got some bread from the Restaurant and was feeding fishes as we snorkeled near the jetty. The fishes were really shy at first but when they got used to eating the bread from our hands, they were unstoppable. Fiona was snorkeling the whole day while me and my wife slept on the hammock. Steve, our other friend was also seen snoozing away on a hammock.

Me on the Slide!

Fiona Hand feeding the FISHES

Steve on the HAMMOCK


My Favorite shot of the TRIP

5pm sharp, we got changed and headed to the other end of the island for the cave shots. After that, we went for dinner and played some pool. We wanted to go fishing but the weather wasn’t too kind to us, it was raining the whole night. When I got back to my room, I checked my bait, and the line was cut! Don’t know if it was a fish or coral but was too tired to investigate.

Preparing for the CAVE Shot

Day 3

Fiona and Steve had to leave early n this day. Despite our pledges for them to stay, Fiona was insistent that they had to head back and prepare for another shoot the next day. Steve looked like he really wanted to stay but then duty calls, so they left the island on the earliest boat, 10am.

The BYE BYE Shot

The rest of the day, me and my wife just basked under the sun until about 5pm, when we heard thunderstorms. As we made our ways back to our room, the rain got heavier and it never ended, so there goes another night of fishing!

Day 4

This was our last day in this paradise. It was a sad day because it is always difficult to say goodbye to a paradise like this. I will be back next year to this beautiful island and I will be more prepared and land some fish!

Fucking off the Island and Back to Reality

Thursday, October 9, 2008


In lieu of my big day coming up on the 10th f November, there wont be any trips until then. Tukun was CANCELLED due to lack of participants (I was truly heart – broken…no kidding ) and going for short trips to places like Pekan on weekends was a no no as I had to give out my wedding invitations.

The good news is, I will be going to Pulau Rawa to take wedding photo’s and you canh be sure that I will be bringing some fishing gear to that place. I was there last year and fishing from the Jetty can produce some surprises! The last time me and my wife caught some Sammy Vellu’s, small sting-ray and a baby shark….but it was way fun!

This time, im gonna bring some poppers and lures…maybe I might just get lucky and land some Big Eyes or barracuda!.

Another great news is that I just got confirmation that my long awaited ROD, Fake Lez is now in Singapore….it should be here in a couple of weeks! Cant wait for this new addition to the family to finally arrive! Thanks to my reliable friend, Darren…its gonna be HAVOC!

Below are some pictures of the island….ENJOY and do look out for this space for the RAWA ISLAND report!