Wednesday, March 15, 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Packing Part 2

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Packing Part 2

This was harder than I thought!! So much shit, so little space and so little baggage weight!! I swear the past two weeks I have been packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking my shit and still it wasn’t right.
I Just realized i still have so many unused poppers ahahahahahahah

ahhhhhhh these are the REAL MARFAN Fellas causing the OVERWEIGHT

Then you have The “Farn Hai” telling me things like I cannot hand carry my fishing reels on board as they will get me to remove my line. I had to verify this from a few sources and seriously, what the fuck kind of ruling is that? Motherfuckker high or what?. Well they say that they are afraid that people will use the fishing line to strangle someone on board.
So nice to find little surprises here and there...CRAFT BAIT!

Arsenal Ready to GO!

Hello, then why don’t they ban shit like shoe laces, belts and necklaces, they all can function in that way. But so yeah, don’t want to cause any trouble at check in, I just want to get my ass to Papua New Guinea and fish, that’s all. But what the fuck kan!
Niama if this hooks bend i "PHAI!"

So decided I will check in my rods and reels and pray for their safety. You know la, they are like life to me, if t gets lost or stolen….what the fuck can we do right. Stress dou hai like that. So checking in all these stuff plus jigs and some of my clothes, the baggage is weighing in at 32.6kg. That’s 2.6kg over weight. I hope they let me get through if not… lor…

One whole stella family go holiday..

So here is the revised GEAR list for the trip
8 set ups for this trip of a lifetime. Packing my clothes tomorrow night and I am ready to go.

We gonna have a Fucken Rawkin Time.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

SNEAK PEEK of our upcoming PAPUA NEW GUINEA trip on board the K20!

E A T    Y O U R    H E A R T     O U T!

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Popping Shoes & Inflatable PFD!

Almost forgot....I got myself a new pair of popping shoes and a SMITH Inflatable PFD from Anglers Outfitters Singapore..... Kei Lan Beautiful!!!

Columbia....they say its like quick dry one wor...

Design also Boleh tahan like Anatahan!

The Grip looks this could be a perfect popping shoe..

This one.....I just had too.....dont ask...

SMITH LTD....Used by the GOD himself Kozo Okubo...Cant go wrong laaaaaa... plus Anglers Outfitters gave me a beautiful deal on it.....THANK YOU ABANG ALVIN!

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Packing Part 1

Ok, finally unpacked most of my shit that I have in 5 different tackle boxes and shit I do have A LOT of shit. So I singled out those that I will be bringing for the trip and those that I might bring for the trip.

Clearing out all 5 of my tackle boxes to see what I already have...Haven't done this in a looooooong while...

I also found shit loads of leaders and terminal tackle. I don’t think I need to buy anymore stuff for the trip. Washed all my stuff, WD40’d whatever I needed to, packed them aside and get ready for loading lines and final packing tomorrow night.

Ahhhh....My FCL Labo's, Hammerheads, Anatahan and Patriot Design i missed them.....

I have so many unused leaders...... and pretty good ones too! No need to buy anymore lah!

And terminal tackle stuff....i think theres like a thousand ringgit worth of hooks, swivels and shit right here.....

Ahhhhhhh All washed and gonna be smellin spanking new besoks.... I fucking love it!

Was awesome fun just going through what I had. Gives me so much memories. Cant wait for PNG with the GENG HAI’s!


Saturday, March 4, 2017


PAPUA NEW GUINEA on Board The K20!

Its been a looooooooong while since ive wrote anything on this blog, you know la, being a daddy = less fishing + less money for gear + less time for doing stuff that I really love to do. A few weeks ago, come good friends of mine managed to convince me to go on a 10 day fishing trip to PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

These guys have been asking me to go since last year but you know la, procrastination, the fear of being away for so long, spending money that I cant afford coz I have 2 kids now and believe me, they cost more than Stella’s, Saltiga’s and rods put together. I actually officially pulled out of the trip in January already but then you have this joker named Jack, Jack The “Farn Hai” Ong and Jimmy The Baller Sow.

These 2 guys are people you should meet if you like fishing and they wont take no for an answer. They’ve been to PNG a few times already and they keep telling “YOU HAVE TO GO” it’s a “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” kinda shit so one February night, I got a call from The Baller & Jack, asking me to meet them in a Japanese restaurant in Jalan Batai.

When I got there it was like a scene from The Godfather, dim settings, The Baller on his cigar, the Farn Hai with his ever convincing smile and Okta, one of the gang from Indonesia. They call themselves, The Geng Hai’s (The Powerful Pussy). It was nicely played, they orchestrated the whole thing nicely, locked me down and basically told me, YOU are going to PNG. Nuff said. The deal was sealed. We are going to P mafakkin N to the mafakkin G.

From this picture....u can pretty much guess who is who innit! Scene from The Godfather!
from L - R : Little Lamb Me, Jack The Farn Hai Ong, Ok i forgot this guys name, Okta and Baller

There are 8 guys on this trip. Darren Kublai Low, Jimmy The Baller Sow, Jack The “Farn Hai” Ong, Batzerg, Princess Okta, Singaporean & Han Solo. Ive met almost ¾ of the team already. The rest of the guys we will meet in Melbourne. So the dates were set, 17 March 2017, Melbourne, 19th March 2017 Papua New Guinea, Back to Melbourne on the 28th March and then back to KL on 29th of March. SET. ON. LETS GO.




The next few days I wasn’t really sure what to expect, seriously I was lost for a few days. Then I started to bring my gear out, trying to figure out what sort of gear to pack. I watched videos on PNG and there are some HUGE ASS GT’s in that place and this could be my chance to get into the 40kg class or even better yet, 50kg class GT!!! The excitement was killing me! PE 10 and above kinda gear!!! I fucking LOVE IT!

I watched fishing videos all day and all night, learning how to tie a perfect Fucking Good knot, a GT knot and gear setups and shit for a good few days. Feels like I was 29 years old again. Felt like a kid all over again. Feels so so so so so fucking good! Excited like a little kid wei magehai. I even got myself a tattoo of a GT that i always wanted for this trip! Kei Lan Best!


I packed and unpacked and packed and unpacked. Still not sure what to bring. Some of them said bring 8 setups, some said 5, in my heart 8 was a good number coz im Cina like that. Up till today im still trying to figure out what to pack. I haven’t been on a BIG trip like this for a long long time.

Well anyways, I was in Singapore last weekend and so I checked out my favorite outlet, Anglers Outfitters. They still have the best shit there. Absolutely my kind of shit, Hot’s, SMITH, HAMMERHEADS and also new lures, AMEGARI. These are some really really expensive lures. SGD175 each! Its like almost RM600 a pop! As I wasn’t really sure what I needed, I just got myself a few accessories from SMITH and some stickbaits. I really gotta start packing.

Anglers Outfitters Singapore.....My Happy Place

The no Bullshit Lures.... AMEGARI

A very very special gift from my buddy KENNY TAN...Patriot Design... 50kg GT on this buddy!

Brought my GANG to my Favorite place...

And ofcoz, a wefie with the AOF Familia! Thanks Guys!

Tonight I got some line sponsored by my buddy BONG. Some kick ass Spiderwire 80lbs & 100lbs line…..all 3km of it. Picked up my reels from Kok Ming, he did a fine ass job in servicing my precious reels. Hopefully by tomorrow night I can really start packing my shit and we are ready to rock and mafakkin roll in PNG.

This is where Kok Ming services reels and build rods

Imma get myself a Man Cave just like this when I have my own house

I need a Man Cave like this one....Kei Lan Chat Best!

My Buddy Kok Ming!

Thank you BONG for this.....

Monday, February 13, 2017

Preparing for the Trip of my lifetime. This is what I have been dreaming off all my life and it's gonna happen in about a months time. Stay Tuned for this Epic Motherfucking Trip!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Its here AGAIN! the Tom, Dick & Harry's Fishing cup 2013! Get ready to fish, get drunk, and fish and get drunk with awesome company. Information on the trip are as follows: 15th September - Arrive at Kuala Rompin for some tackle talk and stories of the ones that got away 16th Septemeber - We leave the port at 7:30am sharp and fish till about 6pm or until someone passes out, whichever comes first. Booze, food, munchies and water will be available on board. When we get back on land, its MAKAN time hosted by the TDH crew. 17th September - Same drill but this is the final day to nail that GIANT SAILFISH of yours!We get back on land at about 6:30pm, shower then head for dinner and prize presentation. after that....BALIKS! Cost is RM3200 / boat for 4 people. this cost includes all accommodation and food from the time you reach ROMPIN