Sunday, March 5, 2017

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Packing Part 1

Ok, finally unpacked most of my shit that I have in 5 different tackle boxes and shit I do have A LOT of shit. So I singled out those that I will be bringing for the trip and those that I might bring for the trip.

Clearing out all 5 of my tackle boxes to see what I already have...Haven't done this in a looooooong while...

I also found shit loads of leaders and terminal tackle. I don’t think I need to buy anymore stuff for the trip. Washed all my stuff, WD40’d whatever I needed to, packed them aside and get ready for loading lines and final packing tomorrow night.

Ahhhh....My FCL Labo's, Hammerheads, Anatahan and Patriot Design i missed them.....

I have so many unused leaders...... and pretty good ones too! No need to buy anymore lah!

And terminal tackle stuff....i think theres like a thousand ringgit worth of hooks, swivels and shit right here.....

Ahhhhhhh All washed and gonna be smellin spanking new besoks.... I fucking love it!

Was awesome fun just going through what I had. Gives me so much memories. Cant wait for PNG with the GENG HAI’s!


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