Monday, September 15, 2008

PENANG Trip Gifts!

I was in PENANG for work on the MERDEKA week so you know la, sure have to Punch card at my favorite tackle shop there, Zainxan Pro Fishing Centre, Beach Road.

You know la how it is, masuk tackle shop, confirm must buy something one! So was scouting around for something to buy and then, I saw the something, SHIMANO Butterfly Jigs! Ive seen a video once on how these jigs works and it was pretty interesting! So I decided to buy some of these jigs and test it out on my next trip.

SHIMANO BUTTERFLY JIGS....aren't they beautiful!

SHIMANO BUTTERFLY JIGS....I have developed the habit of buying 2 of the same colored jigs...what Darren, a fishing kaki of mine said was really true...what if you sangkut and you lose the most sought after Jig by the mama and papa GT's! Hai Lat Right!

Here are some pictures of the jigs and ofcourse I will not say no to Metallic Sardines as it is one of the elements which has brought me the title of….G.T King.

A MUST Have...Metallic Sardines...

To add on to the surprise, my lovely wife had secretly ordered a line retriever from the same place ( pasal she knows the owners daughter!!!) and presented it to me as a present! This I would say, is FUCKING BEST ! But picture tada la, coz my eyes sudah nak tutup, so besok hari sajer la

Till Then. Dont keep your fishes, spend some money and go buy from the market. Poor guys at the market oso need to makan.

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