Thursday, September 10, 2009


The Perfect Storm...pretty cool pic huh- CANON 50D!!!

The Destination

Taiwan was just totally ROCKIN’…. the people, the food, the places, the party, the fis….. fishing not really. It was heartache for us that we couldn’t make it to fish in Taiwan waters. The Typhoon was approaching from South Japan and the waves were reported at 2 meters high……. so not such a good la.. Anyways, the trip was for me to see my Godson -Tyler Lee Abrahamsen- one handsome kid and a lady killer for sure when he grows up! Duke and Angie…I AM TRULY HONORED…



"SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers...anglin PRAWNS akakakakak

The PRAWNING place...nice huh

CHeckin in....we were sooooooo fucked we havent slept and was PARTYING the whole freakin night!

The Prawning place

The "SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers love....kinda GAY

The Fantastic food, the hot chicks and ROCKIN COMPANY!

Duke, my bestest friend in Taiwan arranged the trip so he felt kinda bad that we didn’t manage to go fishing so he brought us to a place nearby for some……PRAWNING akakakakakakkaka…we had a rockin’ time there….im serious…chewing on some serious ping lang ( beetle nut ) and beer…we were kinda drunk at the place and made friends with EVERYONE there!

Kwai Lo and his first PRAWN!!!

Prawn NUMBER # for ME!

Alan...Staying true to the game...NGAU JUK pose!

Excuse me for this cruelty but i was a bit the drunk at the moment....

The local guys just LOVED us akakakkakakakakakkak

Duke on PING LANG ! akakakakakaka

Me on Ping Lang....its a team effort!

Prawn number dunno what la....DRUNK edi!

Big huh....

Here is Ah Yang....our new found friend in TAIWAN who was shouting the chinese words we had on the back of our T's akakkakakaakakak we got him way wasted akakakakkak

The local loved our t-shirts…it translates to “TAIWAN is GREAT” akakakakkak. They were shouting it when we stepped into the place, and it got messier when Alan made friends with Ah Yang, this guy we met at the place……we got him pissed drunk and was puking akakakaka.


Its a TAIWANESE thing..they just love taking pictures


CHOWING down the good food @ FAMILY MART!!


Pudding, Taiwan Beer, Sushi....I freaking love TAIWAN

Drunk Kids on slide!!!!

Yes Duke is 40 plus....but he is the true "HARDCORE DO YOU WANT MORE" animal! I love the guy!

The next day, me and Alan ventured to look for AG Anglers shop in Taipei where we thought we could find some tackle to buy. Seriously…I was ready to purchase 1 or 2 rods if they were Hot’s, FISHERMAN, SMITH, Tenryu or whatever brands….but they only carried JIGGING MASTER!! offence but I have tried these rods before, I bought one of em and after 1 trip I sold it off, just like the Xzoga. Too heavy compared to HOT’s for sure! No doubt the action looks good but you know la, once you decide to break-up…its game OVER!

We walked into AG Angler and looked around….JIGGING MASTER only…nothing else…I held on to the PE 0.8 – 1.5….price was NT11000…I just couldn’t do it. We asked the guy at the place if he carried any other brand ( yeah, pretty stupid of us ) he said no and we could feel that he was starting to give us the cold shoulder so I didn’t even take pictures inside.

ET'UOH - Dont waste your time if youre looking for premium rods...really...

If you love JIGGING is the place....

Feeling disappointed, we walked out and wanted to grab a cab when we noticed that the shop next door was a TACKLE shop too! Its called ET’OUH…cannot make it….no nice rods but nice selection of reels…saw the Daiwa Exist Limited Edition…feelin a bit itchy now kekekkekekekke…CHRISTMAS MAYBE akakakkak


Night time…we camped out at the local 7-11 kinda place called FAMILY MART….shit…this place serves the best sushi and pudding….i kid you not! We over ate and TAIWAN BEER was the beer of choice of course! kakakaakkaka

To sum it up, we had sooooooooo much fun in Taipei…except that we didn’t go fishing…but prawning was still fun when you are with your best buddies and friendly people akkakakakkaka


Till the next trip….PEKAN TENGGIRI!

Bruce G.T King

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jm d0 make premium r0ds that have been tried n tested all 0ver as f0r 0ther brands i cant speak as i have n0t used but have seen and held many its like c0mparing a landcruiser vx t0 a bmw x6 where jm is the cruiser and 0thers like h0ts the x6 im sure we all kn0w wh0 will breakd0wn first