Sunday, September 27, 2009


The Catches

It was supposed to be a Spanish Mackerel trip to Pekan. We were prepared to pack the ice boxes with tenggiri and head home with the prized catch. We were told by the Pekan crusaders ( Ah boy the Boatman) that the season is in, and we should make our way there.

So we planned the next trip, we got our t-shirts ready, we got our gear and jigs ready…..then…akakkakakakakakakak, from Spanish mackerels, it became a coral trout expedition instead!

Uncle Wah was supposed to come on this trip with us. We thought that he would be lonely during the Raya Holidays so we invited him…… he left us hanging on the day of the trip, giving all sorts of reasons….still we went ahead without him, but we still love the guy….after all, he is Uncle Wah!


7 Star Groupers!

Total Catches

When we arrived, I gave out the t-shirts to the boatman ( Ah Boy) and his brother ( Ah Lung ). They were so proud to have t-shirts as it says Pekan on the back.

Sunday, 20th September 2009

We headed to Karang Luas, a place about an hour away from shore. This place is known for its vast varieties of fish……..and coral, thus KARANG LUAS. We were told that there were Sailfish sighted here so I brought along my popping gear.

When we got there, we could see boiling waters all around us but it was just small tongkols chasing some ikan pisangs. We went on to jig for some tenggiri action but were rewarded with some beautiful coral trout instead!

Ah Boy who was the champion of the day landed a good sized Jemuduk and “Loong Jim” emperor something. We landed a lot of coral trouts and only managed to land 1 squid…


Ming with the CHAMPION Grouper

The Loong Jim!

Ah Boy the BOATMAN

Ah Boy with a SMALL EBEK


Ah Boy and dunno what


Ming and GROUPER!

Louis with GROUPER

Look at his EYES popping OUT!

7 Stars Groupers caught on the 1st Day

Ming with another was GROUPER FRENZY!

Suynia wit a GROUPER!

Monday, 21st September 209

Ming was the champion of the day. He landed some good sized coral trouts and most of the fishes.

We have this rule everytime we go fishing. A “LICENSE” means you have landed a fish and you are allowed to do the following: Brag, Eat, Sleep, basically you are entitled to do ANYTHING if you had the “LICENSE”.

At 11:30, everyone had landed a fish….except for BRUCE. The amount of shit talks, sarcasm I was getting from EVERYONE on board wasn’t even funny….i knew if I didn’t land anything, I will be getting shit from EVERYONE not only for the whole trip, but the 3 hour car ride back! So….i was determined to land at least an ARUMUGAM!

The sarcasm from Ming was intolerable! I prayed to land at least a small fish to gain the “LICENSE”. True enough, after 20 minutes of hard jigging, I landed a coral fish which I had no idea what it was… doesn’t fucking matter, I got…..the “LICENSE”. Shit talking stopped from then on akakkakakakakakkaka

At about 5pm, we decided to head back to land…..and that’s when disaster struck us. We were caught in the middle of a storm. The sea was really rough and Ah Boy had a hard time maneuvering the waves and the winds were getting strong. Luckily I brought my Poseidon life jacket belt along. Ming was ready to empty the icebox and jump into the water. Luckily, our boatman, Ah Boy was very skilled and calm throughout and got us safely back to land.

This is one GREEDY bugger...he just swallowed a fish then attacked the jig!!!

Ming's License!

Ah Boy's License



4 Branzino's!

I must admit that it was one of the scariest boat ride for me in my life. So I guess my fishing season in Pekan ends after this trip. I will return to Pekan only after the monsoon in March. For now, fishing will be concentrated in the west coast like Jarak, Ko Adang, Tukun and stuff…till the next trip….


G.T King…

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