Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MERDEKA @ Pekan!! - The Story!!

It was a last minute call for action kinda thing. Khian and Louis had this planned out much earlier on but i couldnt make it because i had to travel for some work....but then i tried to make it happen by travelling a whopping 1200km in 2 days to finish my work for this trip.

I had to travel up to Penang on Thursday, be bcak here on friday then travel down to JB then get back to KL on Satuday then straight to Pekan...hows that for fishing commitment!

Upon arrival at Pekan, only Johnson was kind enough to pick up his phone and let us in the house...without him..i guess me and Ming will be sleeping in the car! Heard that there was a Giant Squid frenzy going on so i thought that this would be a great opportunity for me to pick up a new TENRYU Shasta rod for squid fishing!

I was soooooo proud that EVERYONE put on their SOMETIMES CAN t-shirts....1 TEAM, 1 VISION, 1 MALAYSIA!....we had a competition which was separated into 3 categories. the losing boat will have to buy dinner. The categories were, The Biggest catch, The most amount of Squid caught and total wight count. so here were the results:

TEAM A = 41 squids, No biggies
TEAM B - 40 Squids, 1 BIG Diamond Trevally

We decided not to weight the catch and just split the bill but it was fun though!

Ming was the champion of the trip as he landed almost everything with his new Poseidon + Branzino set up....

Anyways, this is kinda short and im a bit tired till then, next stop - TAIWAN!



215 fishspot said...

Are you going to "green island" in Taiwan? all your fish look exotic to me in the states!! haha, i wish we can catch half the stuff you guys do!

Sorry my contact didnt come through, I'll try to get stuff you request before u come to usa. I'll look forward to the t-shirt!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,

Nice posting, nice photos, nice catch!

You looks very tired in the pictures~!

Hope you have a good rest!