Tuesday, June 23, 2009

9th Anniversary!

On the 22nd of June, me and my wife celebrated our 9th year anniversary and of course, we both got the gift we wanted. I received a Nature Boys rod case, exactly like the one Khian has....of course he was part of the plot to get me this suprise gift from my wife....ONZ la bro, just what i farking wanted! TQ TQ TQ! i bought my wife a Canon 40D SLR camera, something she wanted for a long time. So here are some pictures of my NEW MAGNIFICENT ROD CASE.....Put your hands together for.....NATURE BOYS! ( pictures taken with my wife's new toy) and the Canon 40D, taken with a Canon G9......Canon ROXX!

The other reason i bought her the SLR was so that she can take FANTASTIC pictures.....of me akakakakakakkakakkak when i land the NEXT BIG THING!



G.T King
Yellowfin Tuna King
Ang Koli King

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Duke said...

Happy anniversary brother!