Thursday, May 14, 2009


Kenny Chee of EXTREME ANGLERS, ME & Sailfish,,,and PEI SERN!!!

This was the trip where me and COLIN became brothers for life. We briefly knew each other before this trip and he did want to kill me whenever he saw me coz you know la.....muka ku lansi lan yong...but anyways, i was invited by Ernest to join this trip and since it was the beginning of my deep sea fishing craze...CONFIRM LA

My First EVER Todak!

This was ABSOLUTELY an AWESOME sight for me!!!

Just Look at tha SMILE....PRICELESS!!

Me and Colin clicked right after this trip. We realized that we share the same craze for fishing and we find each other utterly humorous in our own very are some pictures of the trip back in 2002 or 2003 i cant really remember when I was still in tip top condition... ahahahhaahahhaha

I was DAMN FIT at @ that time!!!

"SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers...

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