Sunday, May 10, 2009

My first EVER Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Me and My PRIZED catch

Zailani and another Friend


I was MUCH Younger Then..

Found these photo’s when I was clearing up my cupboard. These are pictures of my first ever fishing trip out at sea. It was a trip planned by a colleague of mine from Interface, Zailani.

I remember that I was so excited about the trip and had my first deep sea fishing rod built in Fook Soon, the legendary late Uncle David Chee. Taking advice from the Grand Master, I bought myself a Shimano TLD 30 reel to match the boat rod which he built for me.
Part of the Catch

Zailani & Cobia

Me and Cobia

Watch that SMILE

Look at the ROD action

The trip was to Kemaman, somewhere off Terengganu. I remember the boat we were on didn’t even have enough space to fit the 3 of us, plus the boatman. I had result into sleeping in my sleeping bag on the back of the boat and that was one bad ass experience. The boat looked ok during the day but during the night…..the freaks came out..It was INFESTED with cockroaches!!!!

I remember waking up in the middle of the night and slapping my forehead thinking that it was mosquitoes only to find out that I have just squashed a cockroach on my FOREHEAD!!!!

Besides those FREAKS, the trip was way worth it. We were landing Cobia’s of 8 –9kgs throughout and this was the start of my fishing life..


Mrs.Wong said...

Phwarr... that was ages ago baby!!!

BREWST said...

Damn young right the photo! akakakkakakakakak

Ken FK Yong said...

OMFG!!! YOU GOT HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BREWST said...

confirm laaaaa kkakakakakkaakakakaka looks damn weird man

Duke said...

your were carrying some serious muscle back then

BREWST said...