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PEKAN - Breaking Ming's Ang Kor Spell!

The Awesome


In the


as we set out

It was a dark and stormy night, the night when we the SOMETIMES CAN Anglers crew ventured to Pekan to break the spell on Ming to land an Ang Kor. He’s been getting shit from us for almost 8 months! Since the last trip where he failed to land one after numerous strikes.

The Object of this trip.....MING

Heavy rain, but in the spirit of teamwork, we can see LOUIS doing his thing.....making sure everything is organized.

Happy anglers arriving at the breakfast station.....NASTY LEMAK

Do look out for the YELLOW packet ones....they ROCK

And there it is....the perfect MALAYSIAN breakfast

We made a special t-shirt for this trip with the words “MUST WIN” in Chinese for this trip and he will only be awarded with the t-shirt if he lands an Ang Kor.The shit talking began all the way from my house in Sg Buloh to Ah Boys place in Pekan. 3 solid hours of “Ming, do you know how to land an Ang Kor or not?”

Slurpin it up Ken!

All FULL and ready to ROLL

Mings got that look that says....IM READY!

Im still at it

This is just like ECSTACY!

10th April 2010 – Saturday Morning,

We arrived at Pekan and were greeted by a super storm. We were praying in our hearts that the storm will end by the time we head off to sea tomorrow morning. As we slowly moved into the room, we were still giving Ming the shits about landing an Ang Kor.

Ken - Did i bring my Kit Kat??


Innovative steps

Our Ride..

Ok boys .....Lets Go.

Ming with the first catch

A Bent rod....ORGASMIC

Enjoyin the ride!

Standby for trouble!

Siesta after NUMEROUS packets of Nasty!

In the morning, the usual routine of Nasty Lemak and half boiled egg was just tooooooooo enticing for me, I had a lil bit too much but hey, who cares man….its NASTY LEMAK fiesta time for me! I love the yellow packet ones, makes me drool just thinking about it.

Naely with a BIG EBEK

LOUIS with a mini ebek

Nice T-shirt by the way....REPRESENT MAFFAKA

Khian with a nice Coral...

Ming with a nice Coral....Trout!

Day one was just jigging and no fishing for Ang Kor. Champion of the day, Mr Ming with an assortment of fishes. Hopes were high for the young chap. Everyone had their license on that day, even the lazy bum Bruce who was caught sleeping too many times managed to land a barracuda of indecent size as a license.

Filming the ordeal...i still owe the videos!

Ming with the rod that will land that Ang Kor!

Pissed off waiting for dinner

Nothing seems to bother this happy couple

The first dish that arrived after and HOUR!...i stopped taking pictures after that .....fucking hungry laaaa..

Most of the anticipation was for the next day. We want to see Ming successfully land an Ang Kor on this trip and we just kept going on and on and on about it. We took the big boat out this time, trust me, the big boat aint that fun, we all preferred the small boat. The big boat design is a little uncomfortable, maybe because of the lack place to fucking SIESTA!

The Odd one out

Err...i just got up...


Proud to own one of em t-shirts!

Its a team effort....for us akkakakakkakakak

11th April 2010 – Sunday Morning,

We were all dressed in the new RED t-short which we had one specially prepared for Ming if he landed one. We all took pictures and he of course was the odd one out.

Same drill, head on to the NASTY LEMAK stall and raid the farking place. To my horror, the yellow packet ones was out! Shit! That is the best tasting one of all! Feeling pretty miffed I tasted another 3 packets to finally find the one that come close and packed 20 of it on board.

The Barge we saw.....a nice picture...i love it

The serious angler he is LOUIS!

Its great when everyone is wearing the same team t-shirt

Did someone order an ANG KOR?

There you go mafakka! Mings 1st Ang Kor!

First stop, we stopped by an unjam and had our boat tied on to it. Minutes later, Ah boy was hooked on something unbelievably powerful. It sped of like a hurricane and at an uncontrollable speed. We all thought that it was an Ang kor coz only an Ang kor can give you such a powerful first run. We were fucking wrong, it was a gigantic Kaci ( I think ). It was HUGE! Then all eyes were on Ming, we asked him what he was doing there, and it’s about time he landed an Ang Kor already.

Ming With his well deserved PRIZE presented by the boatman.....Ah Boy

Ah Boy with the mother of all Kaci ( i think )...fucking awesome fight man

Ming and a bent rod....i believe this was the Ang Kor...these small fellas arent easy


and waiting..

For this!


It takes a certain skill to land this fish.....he did it on the first run...just like us professionals akakakkakakakkaka Sorry Ming but the shit talking continues!

I always wonder why issit that the boatman catches the biggest fist....ALWAYS!

Catch and Release..........RIGHT!

To prove that I am the the mafakkin King of Ang Kor, within minutes, my line was going out like crazy but luckily I was heavily geared for it. The SMITH WRC Marianna worked like a gem, took me less than 2 minutes to tame that Ang Kor……again eyes were on Ming.



Lovin it like Mcdonalds


The friendly boatman....Ah Boy

Finally, Ming was seen struggling at the back of the boat and he landed his 1st Ang Kor! Put your hands together for Ming! He was presented with the t-shirt by non other than our Kapitan Mr Ah Boy! It was a moment we all will remember….Ming, landing his first Ang Kor. Loved it! now the shit talks stops....and the real fishing begins akakakakkakakakakka

The trip might not have been as productive but hey, we accomplished our mission....Ming landing his first ever Ang thats a Big Fuckin Deal man....and this trip was HIS! all in all GREAT FUN whenever and wherever we go SOMETIMES CAN Anglers!

Thats about it folks

This time....SOMETIMES CAN Anglers.......CAN!

The Catch

The Fish Market

KFC....the best meal after 2 days of fishing and eating what we caught....

Well the rest of the trip was history, fucking fun, great company and this time SOMETIMES CAN anglers…..confirm can!


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