Thursday, May 6, 2010

2010 Wishlist....

I have finally decided that there are only 4 more items i need to get my hands on for 2010.....errr if my wife is reading this, please take note that these items are, errrr, necessities for me to go fishing in style akakkakakkakaka but i might not get em...right...

YAMAGA Rod- Saw this baby in Big Ocean....fucken loved it at first sight....if it wasnt for Ken holding me back, iI would have bought it before the Banda Aceh trip....but the next time I see are MINE!

FCL Labo Rod - This baby is with Darren now. If no one picks it up in the next 3 months....there is a big chance it will be welcomed into the family akakakakak..

Stella 2008 SW18000HG...ok to be honest this one is a MUST MUST MUST edi!

Stella 2010 SW4000XG

Well I hope everything goes smooth and if i work hard enuff, save some cash, I will be able to fullfill these few items. I know i said I will stop but hey, im a TACKLE can I? akakakakakak

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Patrick Cooper said...

Great blog mate, keep up the good work!