Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Destination : Banda Aceh – The Preparation..

The popper case from SHOUT...Love it

What you will see is the 90% packing done for the trip. We will have one last meeting in Ocean Sea in Sri Kembangan this Thursday and that would be the final final final stop...I hope....if i cant get my mind off that FCL Labo Popping rod i saw in Darren's place, i mght just fucking pick it up......TEMPTATIONS!

Poppers GALORE!

Love the FCL Labo shit....thanks Darren!

More Poppers!

One of these mafakkas is gonna land me that 50kg GT!

The REEL Arsenals!

READY for fucking COMBAT BOYS!

SHOUT Jig gotta love it!

Wouldnt be too funny if i lost this bag...

Im FUCKING serious..

So that i wont get BRUISES all over my groin area

For SAFETY....


G.T King

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