Monday, March 22, 2010

Destination : Banda Aceh – The Anticipation..

It is exactly 5 days before the much anticipated trip to Banda Aceh, the trip where personal records are to be broken, the trip where monsters will be landed, the trip where the “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers crew will never forget.

I know that having high hopes might actually jinx it but fuck it, I cant help myself but imagining myself on the other end of the line fighting a monster of 50kgs!. To be honest I have been thinking about it….ALOT. to a certain extent, its actually scaring me a little. The question of “AM I READY for this?” keeps popping up. When the rest of the crew asks me “ARE YOU READY?”, being the gungho lets go mother fuckker I am the usual reply was “ I WAS BORN FOR THIS!”, “IM READY TO GO TOMORROW”, “DON’T FUCKING WASTE MY TIME< IM READY AND LETS GO!” but actually, deep inside of me, fucking shit im scared shitless! Akakakkakaka.

Watching the latest video of from Kingfisher didn’t help at all. It was on a trip to some islands in Alor in Indonesia and man that is some scary shit. 300lbs leaders CUT, unstoppable submarines on a STELLA 20K just kept on going and going and going! Man that video fucked me up big time. What if that happens to me in Banda Aceh? What if I finally meet a monster that I could not handle? What if I had to lose the fish because the gear I use was not good enough ( this would be bullshit coz I know I am geared for this shit but I just cant help myself!)

I needed to write about this in my blog coz I know that somewhere out there, there must be someone who is preparing for a big trip who feels the same. I am rerady to go, I am ready for the punishing and I am totally ready to fce the monster, but the question os, am I ready to face defeat? That has never been in my vocabulary but this trip, it fucking struck me! WHAT IF THE MONSTER DEFEATED ME! Could I handle the breakdown? FUCKING HELL NO! so that’s the DAMN thing that’s been fucking with my head ALL THE FREAKING TIME!

Looking at all the arsenal I have, they are just SCREAMING and BEGGING me to bring them on this trip so that they can show me what they are fucking made off. It’s a freaking tough choice and I will not take any chances. Im packing the HEAVIEST GEAR I have to leave no space for mistakes or let downs. So here’s the list and the pictures will be posted once they are locked and loaded. Lets go.



WRC SMITH Komodo Dragon + SALTIGA Dogfight
Carpenter Blue Lagoon + STELLA SW10000XG ( it was a tough choice between this and the GIPANG, I might just bring it for back-up)


HOT’S Wei World + ZEEBAAS 25ZX
HOT’S Fake Lez ( PE5 – 8 )+ STELLA SW8000PG


HOT’S Fake Lez (PE2 – 4) + STELLA SW6000PG
HOT’S Slow Style + STELLA SW4000PG

Bringing too much gear?...i fucking think so but I cant help but think about it! They are crying out loud as im writing this story!

Well I just needed to let it out. The FEAR, The ADRENALIN rush im having while packing, The CONFUSION im facing while packing, The EXCITEMENT while looking at the pictures from the past trips there by other anglers, The fucking RUSH im getting while I watch those videos. I am prepared for this. Now that I have fucking voiced it out. Im ready to fucking go. Lets go Banda Aceh, im ready so you fucking better be!

G.T King …..Lets go.

Oh ya, the T shirts are done and they look SMASHING! A lil more expensive than the previous one because there are 2 designs and 10pcs each. But hey…Banda Aceh is freakin worth it!


Anonymous said...


All the best~!! No gym last minute workout~! and have enough rest~! Left outfits below PE5 at home.

Awaiting your victories photos~!


BRUCE said...

Zanks Isaac! ....maybe 1 light jigging set akakkkakakakakka

Ken FK Yong said...

You are on a messed up boat... and not alone!!! But we seriously need to get JOHNSON on boatd too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!