Sunday, February 14, 2010


I was planning to bring my Zeebaas to Bungsamran this coming Monday but in the midst of the rush to leave my house I forgot to bring it!!! Being SUPER upset about it I was thinking of all sorts of ways for any relatives of mine who were going to travel to Singapore to bring it down but sadly, no one was….

So here I was in Singapore, upset and lost…until I remembered that hey, there are TONS of tackleshops on BEACH ROAD which I can visit and buy myself new gear to bring to Bungsamran. Instantly, ANGLERS OUTFITTERS popped in my head so I made a call to them and asked what time they will be closing.

The result, I bought the following items:
1 – Accurate Twinspin TR12
2 – A pair of SMITH gloves
3 – Tokara 60 popping rod.

More details on the items and the whole ordeal in my later post, but for now, here are some pictures taken from my handphone as I forgot to pack my card reader….

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