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HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!...its the time of the year again where gambling, fire crackers, money, good food, celebration, family come together as one. This year, we changed the usual custom of celebrating at home to going down to Singapore to celebrate in my sisters new home in Singapore.

Looking at the Accurate Collection

In Anglers Outfitters, Bali Lane, Singapore

Filling my spool with line

Accurate Twinspin TR12 READY!

Of course I also had to visit my in-laws in Thailand as part of the tradition…..this also means visits to Bungsamran Fishing Park and 7SEASPROSHOP!!. So here’s the story of a fantastic Chinese New Year!

Day 1 – Friday 12th February, 2010

The whole family took a bus down to Singapore right after work. I actually wanted to bring my Zeebaas to Thailand so I can have it tested on the mighty Mekong Catfish but in the rush of packing my stuff, I totally forgot about it until I got on the bus. I was sooooooooooooo angry with myself and the whole time on the bus I just felt fucking retarded!

Then lovely Mrs Wong said to me, go buy another reel and bring that to Thailand. What a lovely wife. Someone who makes your happiness their priority in life, always ready to give you moral support whenever you need it and this was a time of need….thank you my love!


This was the mafakka that made me throw my new setup into the water


Another Pla Buk fallen in the arms of the TOKARA

When we finally reached my sisters place, I was already planning on what reel to buy. Was thinking of getting a Saltiga Dogfight as it will definitely complete my Saltiga collection. Then as I was looking through the website, I saw an ACCURATE TWINSPIN. Then I said to myself, why not get the younger brother of the Zeebaas so it wont feel so lonely with the other stellas…so ACCURATE it is and I know just the place to get ACCURATE stuff….ANGLERS OUTFITTERS on BALI LANE!!

Day 2 – Saturday 13th February 2010

Got up at 10 in the morning and called Alvin to aask if he is open and what time he will be closing. Immediately I took a cab with my brother Chris to ANGLERS OUTFITTERS @ Bali Lane.

When I got there, I was stunned by the collection of SMITH rods they have there. After getting my ACCURATE TWINSPIN TR12, I examined the SMITH rods. Enoch was telling me about the TOKARA and there it was, right in front of my eyes…

I walked out of the shop with my new reel in my hand and thought to myself, I am going to buy rods in Thailand anyways, why not start here! I went back in, picked up the TOKARA and sealed the deal. Thanks Alvin, you are a life saver!
The damage:

2. SMITH gloves

Mrs Wong testing the TOKARA and Loving it!

Mrs Wong with Pla Buk 1

Mrs Wong with Pla Buk 2… this one is about 20kg’s plus

All in a good day of Fishing the Bungsamran

Day 3 – Sunday 14th February 2010

GONG XI FA CHAI! Happy Chinese New year! On this day, it was just eating, gambling, talking loud and enjoy being with family!

Day 4 – Monday 15th February 2010

3pm, we took off from SG to Thailand for SAWADEEKAP LAP TINGKAP! Was thinking of going straight to Bungsamran when we land but then it was a lil too late so we went home instead.

The anticipation of going to Bungsamran kept me awake ALL night. The anticipation of buying more gear got me even more awake! I am soooooo fucking ready for it!

Day 5 – Tuesday 16th February 2010


BUNGSAMRAN!!!!!, 7SEASPROSHOP!!!....we were greeted by Joe, the lady boss of the place and seriously, she must be the reason why Thailand is known as the land of smiles…SHE IS SMILING ALLL the time! Picked up the following items pre-ordered by fellow “SOMETIMES CAN” Angler Kelvin a.k.a Big Guy. And here are his orders:

1. valleyhill judas spinning rod js 662m,4-12lb, 2 piece
2. Hots gipang tide lez 78MH
3. ABU REVO Elite Aurora right hand crank
4. Tackle House Shibuki v186ms

No worries, they have it all. Another “SOMETIMES CAN” Angler Ah Ming also ordered the following item:

1. Hots gipang tide lez 78MH

Then when it was my turn to look for a rod for myself….i couldn’t find ANY!...i realized that I have ran outta rods to buy and then I remembered that I had just ordered the Evergreen Opus-1 reel….and that guy needs a friend, but I will leave the shopping for that rod for another day, I cant wait to test out what my new SMITH + ACCURATE TWINSPIN can do!
Here’s the drill in the place. Always get your own bungalow and you MUST get a guide. The best guide I have used there is this guy called Ah Poi. Patient, well mannered and he ties one of the best knots I’ve seen. MAKE sure you call to arrange to book him!

Cost for fishing there are as follows:

• Per fishing set (your own, not rented….and one set is good enough for 2 people fishing as you will hit a fish at almost every second cast) THB 1000 approx RM100
• Per guide THB 1000 ( worth every single penny if you get Ah Poi )
• Per Bungalow THB 800 ( fish in comfort and in style man!)
• Per bucket of bread crumbs and coconut milk for bait THB 145
• TOTAL fishing budget/day = THB 2945 ( FUCKING WORTH IT!)

The first specimen we hooked up was a real fighter. It was just going for the snags below the bungalow and the runs were pretty impressive. But with my SMITH TOKARA rod + ACCURATE TWINSPIN TR12…I was in total control

The TOKARA performed like a bull. The brut strength of the rod proved too much for the Mekong Catfish. Even the guide said that the rod was really strong. We landed at least 14 fishes between the sizes of 15kg – 25kg…..even Mrs Wong landed a few! Im so proud of her man. Luckily she came along and took so many nice pictures.

To sum it up, the Tokara is a rod that I will bring if im out searching for a HUGE ass GT or TUNA. It is a NO NONSENSE BRING THE FISH BACK kinda rod but lacks the fun of a BENT ROD! Which I love. Worth buying and this will almost complete my SMITH Rod Collection akakakkakakkkaaka.

Mrs Wong ready for Day 2

My new toy paired with a Hot’s Tide lez Gipang 78 MH

The Nice bungalows

Me and the Hot’s Tide lez Gipang 78 MH

“Sometimes Can” Anglers REPRESENT

This is the GIPANG in action!



And this was the result….TOO MUCH FUN with the GIPANG PANG PANG!

Day 6 – Wednesday 17th February 2010

Hot’s Tide Lez Gipang 78MH TEST

We actually had no plans for today then my wife suggested that we go fishing again! This is why I love my wife so much….she knows exactly whats on my mind….ALL THE TIME!

So off again we went to Bungsamran. This day, I bought myself a PALMS EDGE casting rod to match my Opus-1. It’s a beautiful rod, I shit you not!

I decided that I will test out Kelvin’s brand new Gipang and I left mine at home
Hot’s Gipang. Need I say more, the action on the rod runs adrenaline through your body when you are fighting fish and its super light and this rod WILL NOT FREAKING BREAK!. Seriously….i locked the TWINSPIN drag to its fullest and yanked and yanked the rod but the rod was just taking all the beating.

GIPANG One more time!

This is the result of the Carpenter

As you can see, it is a cross between the SMITH and GIPANG. FUN & SERIOUS

Mrs Wong landed this nasty one all by herself

Felt like it was a SHARK when it gets on board!

The Rain

All the fishes landed were minimum this size, about 15kg.

Looks like a TUNA from this angle

I love it coz it gives a fair fight to the fish. Unlike the SMITH which is no nonsense bring that fish back right now. This rods fucks around with your endurance and the fishes…I FUCKING LOVE IT!

One thing to note, make sure you call to book the guide Ah Poi…the one we got on this day sucked big time. We only managed to hook up 7 fishes….and he is no FUN…

Day 7 – Thursday 18th February 2010

Nothing Day.

On this day, I was just deciding if I should get the Carpenter rod. I didn’t like the rod because of its logo….kinda cheesy but due to many many encouragemets from Enoch and Kelvin…I decided that it was a GO GO GO!

Mrs Wong using the Carpenter

Mrs Wong says she prefers the TOKARA more than the GIPANG/CARPENTER

But she did land a HUGE fish….20 plus kg

GOOD size

Another Pla Buk for Mrs Wong

Another one landed by the GT King and Carpenter

Mrs Wong in ACTION

That would be me, trying to break the rod

Still trying…..

More pressure…. But still it just wont break…I love it

Day 8 – Friday 19th February 2010

Carpenter Blue Lagoon TEST

One more time I was back at my FAVOURITE fishing tackle shop 7SEASPROSHOP. Walked in, picked up the Carpenter and off I went testing the rod.

It feels light but performs like the SMITH. I would say it’s in between the Hot’s and SMITH rod. It’s a fun rod, but lacks the fun of the GIPANG. Sorry guys, im sold on the DAMN Gipang. Verdict is…..GIPANG PANG PANG PANG!

This is the shitty part, when the mafakka goes below.

Tired heheheheheh

After a M150, im baaacck!

Sweating my shit off…you’ll see why in the next picture

The 30kg specimen!


The set of GEARS I bought in Singapore

This T-Shirt looks great from the back


I love this shot…and the T-Shirt as well!

Can you believe the size of the patins here!

Another one bites the fucking dust

I just had to put this shot in….like a true Jap

We landed the biggest specimen on this day too, a 30kg Mekong. The thing about these fishes is, its easy to bring back but when it sees your face, that’s when the real fight begins. Running into snags, making me throw my new setup into the water, back breaking poses…..FUCKING AWESOME.

I will come back here anytime to fish. It’s a great place and if you have a rod fetish like I do, you’ll love 7SEASPROSHOP. The amount of stock they have of high end quality Japanese rods is CRAZY! And the lady boss is like the nices person ever, she makes sure everything is packed PERFECTLY for you to check in.

I like this picture a lot….Mrs Wong has put my Canon 50D to good use..

And here it is, the biggest one landed on the trip, 30 plus kg

Thank you

“SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers will be making a group trip here again on April 29th - 2nd May 2010. Its gonna be sooooooooo much freaking fun I tell you!

Till the next trip…PEKAN!

G.T King…OUT!

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