Friday, August 14, 2009

RAWA Island Escapade - The Preparation

As the normal outing tradition, we must always buy something before any i headed to Sykt Kepong to purchase some small lures for my night casting off the Jetty in RAWA Island. I was looking at the Shimano Lesath rod which would be a nice to have for the trip, but i thought it would be a waste of money....maybe tomorrow before i head off it will be a different story la...

Hopefully i get to land something so that i still get to post some fishing stuff if not, it would be pictures of this beautiful island taken with my new toy, the Canon 50D. This is more of a photography trip as me and my wife will learn some new stuff from my brother.

Till then...




Anonymous said...

Hi brussy,

Nice lures you have there, i must say you have good "taste" yozuri can consider as Honda while IMA are Mercz.

But, what caught my attention is the snaps. Those snaps are way to big and bulky for a small lure. Hence, it will affect the lure's actions, usually the wiggles.

I do suggest that u use rapala knot or using small snaps( those without swivel 1) Why don't you try berkley snaps?

Small braided line poundage, coz it also will affect the lure's action.

And why dont you rob KY's tackle box? I'm sure there is a lot u can find there plus those fancy one, hehehe

Pls feel free to drop by here:-

I'm sure there is a lot we cant discus.

Just my 2 cents and all the best in fish luring!


BRUCE said...

Hi Isaac,

The lures were bought in a hurry and i havent started lure fishing yet so i dont know much about lure fishing but i thought it would be fun playing with lures at the Jetty.

When i get into it, you can be sure i will be getting IMA ones or maybe more higher end stuff. As for knots and stuff, i still have much to learn coz to be honest, i only know of about 3 knots and i dont even know the name akakkakakakakakakakakka

Till i get more serious into lure fishing,,,,i think it will be jiggin and popping for now...

Cheers and thanks for the tip bro!

BRUCE said...

Eh...the site in CHINESE quite the banana, got engrish version or not bro?

Anonymous said...

Mr Bruce,

Aiya.. mm hou yee c, major in mandarin English site also, in the lower part, try scroll down :)

C ya & warmest regards