Friday, January 16, 2009

TUKUN 2!!!!


TUKUN 2!! - On Board Ah Eng!

This report is way overdue. I do apologize as I have been stuffed with work for the whole month of December and January. Its gonna be busy for me all the way till March…I hope.

Well this trip was planned by Ming with another group of anglers whom I have never met but the sounds of Tukun, I just cant resist. Knowing that the group will consist of more bottom fishermen, I was prepared to cut anyone’s line should I hit another Jackpot.

Jigging Master Khian joined this trip as he hasn’t been fishing on board for 2 nights for a long time. Hearing that we are going to Tukun Perak, he jumped on the opportunity to test his new toys and in hope to find the MAMA GT’s present at this special place.

Knowing that we will be doing some popping, I took the opportunity to buy another popping rod, a Hot’s Gipang from my buddy Darren. Heard a lot about the rod from Damien so I decided I will get one just for this trip.

From my previous trip to Tukun, I was told not to do any popping as the way I casted was HAZARDOUS to all on board. Knowing this, Ah Ming and Ah Wah decided to give me a crash course on casting a popper somewhere in a lake in Ulu Langat.

Here are some pictures of the CRASH COURSE by my SIFU’s, Ah MING and AH WAH.

MY SIFU's!!!


Ulu Langat...people there hate me as i was making too much noise!

Well back to the story. We left for Penang right after work on Thursday. We checked into Northam all Suites to get some proper rest before the big day tomorrow. As usual, we loaded up our gear, checked out each others arsenal and tale talked till about 2am before we finally decided to sleep.


Hot’s Gipang + Stella SW8000HG
Hot’s Fake Lez PE 2 – 4 + Stella SW8000PG
Tenryu Del Sol PE0.8 – 1.5 + Stella 3000C

When we got to the jetty, I saw a familiar face on a motorbike, with a cigarette in his mouth. It was Ah Siah! My favorite boatman. First thing he asked was, “You going on my boat?” I told him no because this trip was booked by another friend. I immediately made bookings for my next trip to Tukun with him in February.

The boat we got on was nice and clean. Everyone on the trip was pretty decent and quite easy to get along with. Ah Ming brought his new STELLA SW20000PG along for this trip in hope to get the “Jigging Fever” with a 20kg GT.

Tackle talks and BULLSHAITS in Northam

Me and Jigging Master...

Ah Ming Siesta TIME

More Posin!

Re-enacting the pose when i was is Tukun a few months back..

When we reached Tukun, I had a feeling of nostalgia, reminisce of the time when I landed my biggest catch. I was sooooooooo excited when we got there and the smile on my face was just unexplainable. We popped for a bit, my skills were much better than it was before, no one had to run for cover. Soon it was dinner time.

Food served on board this boat was much better than Ah Siah’s. after dinner we proceeded to light jigging. I was the first one who has a hook up and this began to look VERY promising for me. And then the second hook up! The arsenal set up was just perfect! It bent o much people were getting worried that the rod might just PITCHIAH! ….its a Tenryu, it wont happen ahahhahahahah.

Well that lifted everyone’s spirit, and everyone on board then changed to jigging. After about an hour, everyone stopped jigging and went back to bottom fishing. Only me, Khian and Ah Ming were jigging on that night.

The weather got worse, everyone went into the cabin to sleep. By the time it was morning, a lot of people were seasick and wanted to go back as they reckoned that there will be no fish in this area. Me and Khian, being the minority had to obey to the wishes.




We got back on land at about 10pm. Me and Khian then decided to head straight back to KL.

Well this trip might have been cut short but I still had a splendid time and I will return to this place once again. Its just MAGICAL and till then…SOMETIMES CAN!!!

And how can we forget...the NGAU JUK POSE

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