Saturday, January 31, 2009


I am now in my wife's brothers home, just finished watching KOZO OKUBO's Legend 5 DVD on the laptop. Thought i'd give the heads up on my Thailand trip. We had a great time again at Bungsamran, this time I went TWICE!! 1st my wife came along and she managed to land 3 Pla Buk's, then fellow "SOMETIMES CAN" anglers Johnson (a.k.a SHARK KING) and Sam joined us on the second outing. If there is nothing to do tomorrow, might just do a 3rd outing!!

Of course this trip will be a lil boring if i havent bought anything. This time, i bought 3 RODS akakakakakakakaka, Johnson bought 1 rod too. Its 2 Hot's and 1 Poseidon. There were namy rods to choose from in 7SEAS PROSHOP.....for the first time i actually held a PALMS rod. its really light but i really didnt dig the color and ita a pretty thick rod, jst like your Patriot Designs and those Sevenseas rods. Not really my style.

Will post pictures, videos and the whole THRILLIN experience when i get back on Sunday.


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Mrs Wong said...

Hmmmm..... 3 Rods!!!! how best ya!!!!!