Sunday, January 16, 2011


Recently the team went to SIMEULUE for a second time but this time without me coz im on Pregnant leave until Mrs Wong delivers Jr Wong. Its kinda hard for me as FISHING is my favorite thing to do besides loving my wife...well i guess i just have to listen to the "ELDERS" advice on this whole pantang fishing thing.

Nevertheless, I have decided that even if i didnt go fishing, doesnt mean i cant post pictures of trips from other team members or event new tackle i have purchased. But i think there will be less items that i will be buying coz i have new stuff to whore on....strollers, car seats and baby stuff!

Nothing beats the view of a morning sunrise before heading out to sea.
The boys at the Airport

When my mind is strong enough, i might just go on trips and not fish, some may say its silly but hey, i miss the whole experience! i want to put it in my blog so that i can remember it....that would be just sooooooo friggin awesome!
Ming with his first Simeulue GT (There will be more photo's of the team with fishes but dont expect too much, None of them really took the initiative to take loads of pix, this section is only from Ming's camera )
S.O.M Stella 8000PG....NOICE!
Some of the GEAR which were from me!!!
Discussing on how we should tell Bruce the story...
Its gonna be MASSACRE again here in SIMEULUE
Ming's 1st time on board a fokker too.....everyone's first time sitting behind a pilot will snap this shot!
Ming's other GT.....nice angle!
Catch and release....Adhek bali popper laku jugak!
Nice Picture, Ng with the first Edition of SOMETIMES CAN ANGLERS T, Terry with the SIMEULUE 2010 Invasion T and Alan with the ROCKIN Taiwan edition
Ng facinated with his new CANON 5D Mk2 camera for the trip....Will pick up the photo's from him and upload it.
The Empress Dowager and his Humble Dumb Servant
We couldnt give a shit if the boat belongs to the ARMY, here you go mahfakka's!
Crab and rice....loooks damn goood though, but they said it was over priced.
Ming with his first BLUE FIN
Now thats what i call a Simeulue Standard size GT
Alan.....for get it....
Mr Si bungkok....and the town they lived was a separate place
The people on the islands really have not seen foreigners before so each time they head out, there will be tons of people waiting at the jetty...
the one and only commercial sotong boat!
View from the inside of the boat...not comfy at all innit! But i would have loved it!
And this is what the SUPER BOAT looked like!
Same Mafakkin Pick Up
Same rawkin airport sksakakkkka
Same nice comfy plane
Would you look at that view!
Ah, the spirit of the GT King was with them on the trip!
Terry Tan.....i miss ice cream...
Drunkard at the AIRPORT

Will make a better report once i have interviewed all team members

GT King....STILL! akakkakaka

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