Monday, September 20, 2010


I didnt go for this trip as i had to celebrate RAYA with all my muslim friends during that time......its was a fantastic trip, alot of records broken, lotsa sailfish landed on PE 2 GEAR!!! was AWESOME!!! Good Job SOLDIERS!

I know thew SIMEULUE report is running TOOOOOO late but i assure you this will be the master piece is the BEST TRIP of my lifetime and for all who went to SIMEULUE.....the nightmare of returning to the damn place is lingering in their minds every FUCKING night....gimme sometime, its gonna be awesome....and also, i've been REALLLY bust la these few weeks!

Next week is the TDH cup, it will be FUCKING RAWKIN for the team....after that, we will head to Pekan so its gonna be 4 days of fishing....KEI LUN ENJOYS! are the photos of the PEKAN trip i missed.....EAT YOUR HEART OUT!:

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