Tuesday, July 6, 2010


LUCORNIA OUTBURST! On board Crystal Coral

This trip was planned months ago and I can still remember us having that Bak Kut The session in Aman Puri where we tried to tell Louis and the GOD Suynia why they should give up their already booked Cambodia trip to go with us on the is LUCORNIA TRIP.

Louis and Suynia soon agreed to go on this trip and called upon me to ask if I could borrow them tackle. Come on man, CONFIRM can! We are a team and I am more than glad to borrow you whatever I have. So in the end, I borrowed him Blue Rose Full Gene PE8, Blue Rose PE3 and a Stella 10000.

Then it was time to lock another person down, Mr Terry Tan. Terry has always wanted to join me on my expeditions and this time, without even giving it a thought, he already said yes. Terry is Ming’s diving buddy and now I think we have just created a new hobby for him.

The other monkeys who were already confirmed for the trip without a doubt are Khian, Ming, Johnson , Alan and Myself. We have created special names for each one of us and here is the list:

Ming – Honorable Grand Master Tongkol Sifu of Mount Cheras
Johnson – Busiest Angler ( you will know in a bit) / SHARK KING unbeaten FOREVER
Khian – Instigator / Ang Kor King
Terry – Newbie / Trouble / Luckiest Angler
Alan – Lung Tuna King / Barracuda King
Suynia – GOD of JIGGING ( no shit…she earned it ) / Amberjack Queen / Ebek Queen
Louis – The Humble Servant
Bruce – The Missing One / G.T King / Yellow Fin Tuna King still

Well I didn’t have much time to prepare for this trip. It fell right in between my events so I had no time to really prepare stuff plus I had to pack for 2 people, Terry and me as Terry has no gear at all. But it was all well worth it, being to see all my gear performing on a trip like this, ROCKIN mafakka!

On the day before we flew off to Miri, I was actually in Ipoh setting up for an event. Usually before a big trip, I would take the day before off so that I can buy all the last minute shaits before we get on the boat but this time, no chance. Luckily my packing was getting better, I just packed whatever I think that I need, not giving a shit about the over weight charges. I mean come on, pay so much for the trip edi, because of a few hundred bucks you are not gonna bring your Andaman Jigs, and extra reel and extra rod, no way man….

Terry was way excited about the trip, I would be too if I was him, come on, first time fishing in his life and he is on board Crystal Coral….its like livin a dream man!


Ok, I’ve been on this boat once an after this, ANY other boat is shit. This is the real mafakkin deal. 24 hour air conditioning, 14 bunkers, 1 karaoke room, huge deck at the back for minimum 10 people to jig, bestest cook in the world, perfect deckhands, cool kapitan and BOSE speakers!! I shit you not!

The last trip I went on Crystal Coral, I caught everything except for the fish that we were there for, The Amberjack. I was totally fucking jinxed as EVERYONE, all 13 people were landing Amberjacks and I was the only one landing the dogtooth, big-eye trevally , tuna and tongkol but no Amberjacks.


They use this technique called “Tie Jig” or “Thai Jig”, not too sure which one it is but basically, what happens is you hook a piece of meat to the single hook of the jig, let it go down all the way and yo-yo the rod for a bit then slowly bring it up to mid water.

To me, this is Bottom Fishing la, just call it what it is, putting a bait at the bottom and waiting for a strike, bottom fishing la, no need to create fancy names for it. I m fucking scared of rotten fish smell so I can never do it, nor will I get someone to hook it on for me, in my books, its not so cool la when you catch a fish.

I explained this to Terry and he too felt that it spoils the sport of jigging. So he didn’t get into it and so did the GOD Suynia, she too refused to tie jig / thai jig.


M150 / Red Bull

Ok, if there is something you MUST organize before a big trip is energy drinks. I shit you not these things makes jigging more fun and the sudden outburst of energy is crazy, especially the M150’s….thats the REAL mafakkin DEAL.I was scrambling all over Miri looking for it and finally, the shop that we can forever depend on, mafakkin 7-11….never fails you. I bought every single can there.


This is one thing that we ALWAYS miss out. A 4 day 3 night trip and you buy only 4 packs? Aint gonna last 2 days brotha. Buy at least 10 packs and always keep 3 packs in your bag for times of need. Being a smart consumer, I choose the premium cigarette sold at a value price, WINSTON lights. All the other monkeys who bough 4/5 packs of Lumhiu, regretted and hd to beg for my WINSTON LIGHTS… akakakkakakaka


Im not gonna explain much but anyone who has been on a trip with us will know what this is. It fucking rocks big time, brings up your mood, takes away sea sickness and give you a fucking good time for doing nothing akakakakkakaka.


I shit you not, Khian and fucking Terry finished a kilo worth of this shit….seems rockin but at that time, I was recovering from my migraine attacks so I didnt dare try it.


For fucking good pictures, mine may not be the best but hey, it comes out better than the normal ones. Im glad I bought it, makes the pictures more memorable.


This is to watch porn when youre tired, listen to music, load the video’s and pictures recorded on that day so we can watch at night, burn CD’s to listen to when you are jigging….rocks man.


Its quite fun listening to music in your own room so everyone can share….get it from Airasia, that one rocks too!


This comes with the eyepad, a blow up pillow and also a blanket….should get one of these to make the trip VERY comfortable


SATURDAY, JUNE 12th, 2010

My brother Nicholas once again was kind enough to send me to LCCT picking up Khian on the way. In the car, it was just calling people, making sure they are on the way to the airport, calling the missus, telling them we will miss them and stuff like that, checking with each other if we have brought everything etc etc.

We got to the airport just in time, everyone reached at almost the same time proudly wearing the “SOMETIMES CAN” Anglers LUCORNIA OUTBURST T’s. We made quite a scene at the airport with our BAZOOKA’s and loud talking but hey, its LCCT, LOW COST CARRIER TERMINAL, its low class so ACT like one akakakkakakak.

On a big trip like this, the most problematic is checking in. We never know if we are over weight plus the amount of friggin jigs we brought, confirmed we will be over weight. This is when our secret weapon will appear, Mr Johnson Lim. The guy is fucking good at confusing the girl at the check in counter and when she is too irritated, she just gives in to the extra few kg’s at no cost. ROCKING JOHNSON!
After checking in the items, I went to take a picture of our rods going in. I know the Nature Boys will protest my precious babies but I don’t trust the people handling it. As long as it arrives at the destination in one piece im happy. Every trip, the rods case is the one I worry about the most.

On this day, it was the 15th day of the lunar calendar, means I have to go vegetarian …shait, cant have my nasty lemak on board, I had to eat cashew nuts and drink water….kinda sux but it’s a good practice.

Our flight was at 3 plus, so we reached Miri at about 6:30pm…Michale Meng the fishing guide extraordinaire was in Miri in the morning. He came to pick us up in the most luxurious van…..then when the driver came out…I recognized that face, it was the same guy from my previous trip, Ah Wui! Ah that made me reminisce of the time that guy, who was supposed to be the guide cum organizer for the trip was seasick for the whole 4 days akakakakakkakak. Leave it to the professionals, Michael Meng is all about getting you whatever you want, no worries, he has got it all planned out and most importantly, he is a funny guy to hang out with.. RESPECT to Michael Meng, Malaysia’s BESTEST guide!

When we landed, we were brought to this place in Miri town to have a sumptuous dinner….tooo bad I cant eat anything except vege but Michael was kind enuff to order more vege for me. I hate to be a pain in the ass but I guess that’s the CHINAMAN part of my coming out la. After dinner, some of the guys wanted to go for foot massage, me, Khian, Louis and Suynia just want to get back to the boat and rest and unpack.

After about 2 hours, the whole crew came back, and so did the other team, Jig Devils. These are a bunch of guys from Port Dickson who are REALLY serious into their fishing. I kid you not these guys can jig for hours non stop and they hardly sellp. Lucky we had Suynia to represent the SCA akakakakka.

They were a funny bunch, really cool dudes to go fishing with. After a few drinks while the boat heads to our destination, nonsense on board began, we were listening to FENG TAU and treated the boat like a club and making a mess…. It was so fucking funny but the videos are a bit illegal so I wont post it up.

After being super drunk, Ming went back into the room to sleep…..and locking the fucking Kitchen door so we cant get into our rooms both me and Johnson! I went knocking on the damn window where Ming was sleeping and all he could give me was a middle finger….he had no idea he locked the damn door!

SUNDAY, JUNE 13th, 2010

Ok, I must admit I missed most of today because the damn room was just too irresistible to leave. I came out for breakfast, went back in, brushed my teetsm took a dump and as soon as I got back into my room to change, I laid on the bed and next thing I know, it was already 3pm. Yes I did waste a lot of time sleeping but hey, cant blame me man, the room is constantly dark, air-cond freezes your balls off and the the eye mask I got from Air Asia, shit man akakkkakakaka

Well it wasn’t that productive on the first day, a few groupers, one or two ruby’s., a bigger than average Dogtooth landed by Johnson and a good sized Big Eye GT by the GOD Suynia and Ming that’s it! Didn’t miss much but missed hanging out with my buddies….cant blame me man, there is something in that room.

MONDAY, JUNE 14th 2010

On this day, we landed numerous coral fish which was quite fun but unfortunately I was hibernating in my lil cave. When I woke up at about 5pm, Matomato from Jig Devils gave a loud scream and was on to something that was tearing off line from her reel like crazy! She was only using a PE2 setup, Tenryu Jigzam Rod and a Tica Taurus reel. As she pulled back the rod, I saw that the tip was gonna hit the roof of the boat and before I could warn her, disaster struck and the top part of the rod broke.

In true spirit of landing the one that didn’t get away, the fight continued…..for an hour plus. It was a HUGE thresher shark. Estimated about 40kgs. There were 4 people taking turns to fight the fish, Kelvin and his girlfriend Matomato , Michael Meng and the guy they called ROBOT for Jig Devils.

Night time, Ming caught his first doggie opf the trip and so did I. Ming was supposed to record me in the fight with the doggie but guess what, the genius forgot to turn on the camera akakakakakkakaka. Ming also landed a good sized Big Eye which would have been freaking fun on light tackle.

TUESDAY, JUNE 15th 2010

On this day, our newbie Mr Terry Tan who has already caught EVERYTHING that needs to be caught on this trip landed a weird ass looking fish called the Strawberry fish. Good job Terry, now I think you are in this whole fishing shit tooo deep to get out akakakakkaka.

Night time, it was time for Alan to shine. He borrowed the setup I lent to Terry, the Fake Lez PE5-8 & Saltiga 4500Z Studio Ocean Mark. He landed the Lung Ton of his lifetime. 32 freaking kilo’s. no freaking joke. The Fake Lez performed like a gem, if you watch the video, the rod looked like it was gonna break but that mafakka didn’t fail me. I love you Fake Lez……now everyone just ordered one ahahahahha

Today we witnessed GOD in action. Suynia, the female member of SOMETIMES CAN Anglers who we regard as robot who runs on solar landed the biggest Amberjack ever in that area. It weight in at 21kg. Not even funny, GOD, we are not worthy. This girl runs on solar and can out jig ANYONE. YOU DESERVE IT AMBERJACK QUEEEN

Night time was fucking fun. We had our Honorable Grand Master Tongkol Sifu of Mount Cheras Mr Ming to teach us how to land Tongkol. It’s a small fish but man it fights like a huge mafakka. We were landing that shit NON-STOP for a good 3 hours.

Ken is the Dai See Heng, and I was the Yee See Heng….soon after, we were coaching other people on how to land those mafakkas.

THURSDAY, JUNE 17th 2010

Michael told us that we must wake up at 5am to catch the big mama’s. So reluctantly leaving my cave, I got up and looked at the sonar…..it was fucking FULL of fishes. I quickly got my set up and began jigging. At that time, the waves were like 2meters high and it was raining. EVERYONE came out to fish for that good 1 hour. Sadly, we didn’t manage to land anything..

Well all in all, this was a rockin trip, many personal records were broken, and im so proud to have changed Terry into an angler and now he has already begun to be a tackle whore. Akakkakakakakakk

Michale Meng, thank you for arranging everything, you rock big time bro

Jamil, if you are ever reading this, your cooking is the best of the best and we will miss you gay mafakka!

Much love, respect nd ketupats




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hihihi, can i know where do you normally do your shirts at? cos i am very interested to do a shirt that has the picture of the fish. i want to do a diamond travelly one and i want to do it like the fish you have on your shirt for the trip, hope you can advise, thanks a million! :)


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pls advise!!