Monday, June 28, 2010


"SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers....REPRESENT mafakka!

"SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers crew were privileged to be invited to the FISHERZONE's 4th anniversary dinner this year. WWW.FISHERZONE.COM was founded by non other than Mr Michael Meng. it was really a fun experience as Fishing teams from all over Malaysia gathered at this event and it was a real eye opener for all of us and of course time for us to REPRESENT Mafakka!

Initially 6 of us confirmed but then in the end only 45 could make it, well at least GOD of JIGGING was there....that was all that mattered as we are all merely servants who are not worthy akakakkakakka.



Da Representative

Here are some pictures of the event, and i must say, it really felt like Michael was hosting his wedding dinner but it was way too much fun. There were lucky draws to win SHIMANO products and EXPERT products as well as FISHERZONE's jigs. This got me and Khian thinking of organizing a "SOMETIMES CAN" ANglers dinner where we will be giving out Hot's products akakkakakak although they are not gonna sponsor anything but hey, its all for the fun.

Da Prize Giving....SCA won A SHIMANO T-shirt!

Da Lucky Draw Numbers


Chowing down some GOOOOOOOD SHIT!

I would like to run a small vote here on who would like to attend the session if "SOMETIMES CAN" Anglers would have a dinner like that just for fun's sake and also we are looking at some attractive prizes to be given out... so please leave a comment and let us know coz we are as usual, FUCKING READY to do it ahahahahha



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