Saturday, April 3, 2010

Destination : Banda Aceh – The One that Got Away

Mother fucker, i never thought i would be the one to tell such a fucking lame story...the ONE that got away but mother fuckker this one was recorded and thanks to VARIVAS AVANI 80lbs line, yes FUCK YOU VERY MUCH VARIVAS, i live to tell this fucking lame story. I trusted you and you FUCKED with my feelings so as the video would say "AH FUCK!"

I WILL NEVER buy your line EVER AGAIN VARIVAS...and FUCK YOU for making me lose the one that could have been my dream GT.FUCK YOU!

Thanks Pazeth of Delfine Chartere for this video.....hope you guys at FUCKING VARIVAS have a FUCKING good time watching it! EAT MY SHIT

Bruce - GT King


Anonymous said...

Your drag seemed jerky, i love varivas and will continue using them, they never gave me any problem and have landed many fishes with them. do check your reel and line next time.

BRUCE said...

Trust me, i landed a 45kg Yellow Fin Tuna with VARIVAS 40lbs line before so i knew they were good. I changed all my line to VARIVAS but there must be a manufacturing defect. The reel was brand new, jerky was the way the fish was speeding. nothing todo with tht. the line snapped thats it. I paid good money for a premium line. there shouldnt be any defects period. Im sorry i cant feel the same for VARIVAS ever again.



Duke said...

Can I eat your fish?

BRUCE said... can fuck my fish if you wanted to buddy....can you even start to imagine my dissappointment that i couldnt get this fish for you to eat mafakka!

Bandit said...

Can feel your pain manz!
Thats a good fish!

Up the line poundage I say!
Try 100lbs or more next time!
All it takes is a little abrasion and thats a mega fish lost!

Keep the CRs coming!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering what brand of braid line you using now? Since Varivas screw up ur big GT.